Five ways WorksafeNB Issues Resolution Office could help your business

When your business faces a workers' compensation claim, things may not go as smooth as you would like.

In order to help alleviate some of the frustration and confusion, WorksafeNB has implemented a new service called the Issues Resolution Office (IRO). The IRO office is there to help with claim-related decisions and to investigate service-related claims.

How can the IRO help your business?

  1. If you disagree with a claim-related decision you can request a review by the IRO.
  2. If you want to file a complaint about service you have received at WorksafeNB you can do so through the IRO.
  3. The IRO automatically reviews all workers' compensation claims when an appeal is filed.
  4. All appeals will now be reviewed by an internal review specialist that will contact you to ensure they have a good understanding of your disagreement with the claim decision.
  5. The IRO’s main purpose is to improve client service at WorksafeNB.

If you are dealing with a workers compensation claim or have questions about the IRO, contact Business Resources.