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Small Business Politics: Stand up to politicians

Elected officials listen to CFIB for a simple reason: there's strength in numbers.

For over 40 years, CFIB has been at the centre of small business politics, effectively fighting for your rights and livelihood. Our informal motto is “We never give up and we never go away.” We always represent the best interests of Canadian small business owners because we use the views and information you provide us through regular surveys and feedback. The result? We stand up for your business at all levels of government: in the corridors of Parliament Hill, at your provincial legislature, and in your local city hall. Got a problem with government? Tell us what's on your mind.

Small Business Support: Find the answers you need

By purchasing a membership, you have full access to a complete range of essential business resources. You can talk to knowledgeable business counsellors via phone, access our on-line information and educational resources, and join webinars and other events regularly

Serious Discounts: Save money on key services

Imagine your Canadian small business had 109,000 locations. Think of the savings the big banks and other service providers would offer you on products and services you need every day. Our involvement for small business extends beyond lobbying and business resources because we use the power of our membership base to negotiate savings on your behalf -- we pass every penny of these discounts on to you, our valued member. CFIB's partnerships with service providers mean you will save on credit/debit card payment processing, banking, telecom, shipping, group insurance, payroll processing — and more!

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