About Us

As a member of CFIB, you join a community of small business owners who benefit from the collective clout of 105,000 members.

What defines us

Core Values

Regardless of the issues of the day, these principles guide CFIB in serving our members. They provide the framework for all our decisions and actions.

We believe in:

  • The global value of the free enterprise system and the crucial role of small business within that system
  • The necessity of the entrepreneurial spirit to create hope and opportunity
  • Eliminating obstacles at all levels of government which stand in the way of small business growth
  • Never giving up and never going away in advocating for small business  


What defines us

Strength in numbers
By joining forces with business owners across the country, members can share in protecting the health of their firms and resisting the dominance of big government, big labour and big business.

Members vote on issues
Members shape CFIB's policy positions. Extensive use of ballots, surveys and face-to-face contact ensures that every member has an equal say.

Members receive regular newsletters and valuable information on government policies. As well, we provide helpful tips on issues such as taxation, banking and regulations.

Members can get advice and support in dealing with governments from CFIB's Business Resources, at no charge.

Independent voice
CFIB does not accept funds aimed at influencing the advocacy work the organization undertakes on behalf of members.

Broad Base
CFIB represents members interests in all parts of Canada, at all levels of government and in all sectors of the economy.

Reasonable cost
CFIB membership fees are based on a number of factors, such as the number of employees, benefits received and input from members. The CFIB elected Board of Governors, comprised of members, reviews the fee structure annually.

Access to government
If a member chooses, CFIB will forward specific concerns and comments directly to their federal or provincial elected representatives.

CFIB protects the privacy of individual members. Membership information has always remained strictly confidential within CFIB and our database is never sold or given away.

We Make a Difference