About Us

As a member of CFIB, you join a community of small business owners who benefit from the collective clout of 105,000 members.

Our members

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) is the nation's largest and most influential independent business association. Our membership consists of successful businesses of all sizes representing a wide range of industries. 

Agriculture 5.2%
Natural Resources 1.5%
Construction 11.8%
Manufacturing 11.1%
Wholesale 6.5%
Retail 23%
Transportation 3.4%
Arts, Recreation & Information 2.4%
Finance, Insurance, Real Estate & Leasing 3.9%
Professional Services 6.4%
Enterprises & Admin. Mgmt. 2.3%
Social Services 4%
Hospitality 7.2%
Personal, Misc. Services 11.1%
Unclassified 0.3%


We Make a Difference