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British Columbia


Laura Jones, Executive Vice-President and Chief Strategic Officer

Laura Jones is the Executive Vice-President of CFIB. Laura is responsible for the Federation’s legislative (Ontario, Atlantic and Western Canada), communications, research, economics and IT functions.
Contact: Laura.Jones@cfib.ca
Media Coordinators:
Catherine Lopushinsky

Richard Truscott, Vice President, British Columbia

Richard Truscott is the Vice President, BC and Alberta, for CFIB. He represents the interests of CFIB's members in those regions by leading the legislative, research, and communication activities on issues affecting small and medium-sized businesses.
Twitter: @cfibBC
Media Coordinators: Deneene Hamilton-Irving

Samantha Howard, Director, British Columbia

Samantha Howard is the Director of CFIB in BC. In this capacity, she conducts policy research and advocates on behalf of CFIB members on issues including: government finance, labour policy, regulation and paperburden, and municipal affairs.
Contact: Samantha Howard
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