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CPP hike moves forward: what’s next for small business?

October 4, 2016
With BC wrapping up consultations and signing off on CPP expansion, the plan to hike premiums is moving forward. CFIB reflects on the outcome and looks to mitigate the damage to small businesses.

Poll: most Canadians oppose CPP hike if it affects wages

September 8, 2016
A new Ipsos poll finds that most Canadians don’t understand how the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) works or what proposed expansion of CPP means. An overwhelming majority also support consultation for the government’s proposed CPP hike.

Help Build and Accessible Workplace for Everyone!

July 12, 2016
Enabling the Accessibility Fund: Apply Now for Funding

Seeking a cure for bankable sick days in municipalities

April 13, 2016
Municipal workers banking and cashing out sick days raises questions about cost, effectiveness and fairness, according to CFIB’s latest research snapshot.
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