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Good news for NB small business in the form of a tax cut

June 21, 2016
As of April 2016, the small business tax rate was lowered from 4 per cent to 3.5 per cent. The new rate came into effect as soon as it was announced.

CFIB shares NB members’ concerns with CRA Minister

July 14, 2015
On June 24th 2015, your New Brunswick CFIB team met with the Honourable Kerry-Lynne Findlay, the minister in charge of the Canada Revenue Agency, to discuss small business owners’ concerns in dealing with the agency.

CRA performance gets a “C” grade from small business

January 9, 2015
CFIB’s latest CRA report card shows that despite laudable service improvements at the CRA, small business owners are generally not aware of many of these improvements, suggesting that the agency could do a better job of getting the good word out.

CRA announces programs to help small businesses

January 17, 2014
CRA announced some new initiatives that are meant to help small businesses comply with CRA’s complex regulations. CFIB has been actively pushing CRA to improve its service to small business for many years with some success.

CRA Call Centre Business Helpline gets C- grade from CFIB

January 23, 2013
The results of CFIB’s “mystery shopper” test of CRA’s call centre for business queries are unveiled.

New Brunswick small businesses have 'One Thing' in mind for 2013

January 2, 2013
Small business owners know government can’t do it all. So, they’ve asked government for just one thing to help them ring in 2013. The most common request: lower taxes, please.

New Brunswick commercial property tax burden significant and unfair

October 11, 2012
It won't come as much of a surprise to small business owners in New Brunswick that our new report Municipal Taxation and Spending: A Small Business Perspective found that the property tax burden on New Brunswick’s small businesses is significant and unfair. After all, they have seen their tax bills grow over the years.
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