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NB small businesses still burdened by taxes after budget

February 17, 2017
CFIB details what you should know about the 2017-2018 New Brunswick provincial budget. Although no new taxes were introduced, there was no action to reduce the total tax burden on small businesses despite CFIB’s pre-budget recommendations.

Small businesses call for Tax Relief in budget

January 27, 2017
Small and medium-sized business owners in New Brunswick are calling on the provincial government to move beyond its current policy focusing exclusively on one tax relief measure and address the total tax burden.

Ten Reasons You Should Care About the NB Budget

February 16, 2016
We understand that as an entrepreneur, you have better things to do than to read hundreds of pages of budget documents outlining how government will spend your tax dollars. But fear not, CFIB is here to break down what the 2016-2017 provincial budget means for your business and for the future of our province.

20 things NB SMEs want to see in the budget (number 2 is a must!)

January 8, 2016
CFIB shared its pre-budget submission with the New Brunswick government, outlining the opinions of small and medium-sized business owners on key issues directly impacting their businesses. Among the 20 recommendations from the submission were calls to reduce government spending, freeze taxes, and make red tape reduction a priority.

Spending: CFIB delivers strong message to Premier Gallant

December 10, 2015
Over the past year, CFIB members in New Brunswick have been signing Action Alerts to voice their deep concerns over the fiscal situation in the province. Small business owners want the provincial government to balance the books by reducing spending and the size of government.

New Brunswick earns a B- on provincial budget

April 7, 2015
CFIB’s Director of Provincial Affairs for New Brunswick, Denis Robichaud, was in Fredericton on March 31st for the Gallant government’s first budget. Heading into the budget, CFIB was looking for a plan to reduce government spending and to help support entrepreneurs, but was very clear that tax increases should be avoided at this time. Check out our reaction to the budget here.

Provincial budget: CFIB has your back

February 23, 2015
As Brian Gallant’s government is getting ready to table its first budget, CFIB is busy ensuring the interests of small business owners are taken into consideration.

NB takes an important step towards long-term fiscal sustainability

July 22, 2014
Government’s new Fiscal Transparency and Accountability Act is an important piece of legislation and will impact the upcoming election.
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