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CFIB is a non-partisan organization that represents its small business members and helps to bring their concerns to the forefront of political discussion. CFIB regularly surveys its membership to gain their perspective on important policy decisions. Similarly, CFIB actively surveys federal, provincial and municipal leaders for their positions on issues that are important to the success of the small business sector.

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Nova Scotia Votes 2017

May 17, 2017
Welcome to CFIB’s web portal for the provincial election campaign.

Nova Scotia votes 2013: Election central

September 12, 2013
Welcome to CFIB NS’s election web portal for the 2013 Nova Scotia provincial election campaign. Here you will find the latest news on CFIB members’ priorities and concerns, and what the political parties said about them.

Small business owners in Nova Scotia weigh in on economy, provincial policy

September 11, 2013
During the provincial election in Nova Scotia, we reached out to small business owners to make sure their voices were heard on the issues that matter most.

How CFIB lobbies for its members during an election

September 10, 2013
Elections are an important part of any democracy. At CFIB, we are strictly non-partisan. We will support policies that are good for your business and oppose those that are not. Find out more about how CFIB does this during elections.

Raising SME priorities with Nova Scotia's municipal leaders

November 14, 2012
Now that the ballots have been cast and new mayors and councils are in place across the province, we’ve reached out again to municipal leaders to emphasize how progress on key issues like red tape reduction, pension reform, the property tax gap, and spending can make for more entrepreneur-friendly communities.

CFIB encourages municipal leaders to think ‘small’

September 27, 2012
CFIB would like recently elected mayors across Nova Scotia to think about their municipality as key players in economic development and as decision makers who can initiate changes to improve the climate for our province’s entrepreneurs.
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