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Poll: most Canadians oppose CPP hike if it affects wages

September 8, 2016
A new Ipsos poll finds that most Canadians don’t understand how the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) works or what proposed expansion of CPP means. An overwhelming majority also support consultation for the government’s proposed CPP hike.

Reject CPP/QPP hikes: Open letter to finance ministers

December 17, 2015
New economic modeling data shows that jacking up CPP/QPP premiums will have a sizeable impact on the economy in the short-term with only gradual long-term gain.

Nova Scotia needs to move on Pooled Registered Pension Plans

June 27, 2012
Saving for retirement is a very real concern for our members. Over half of small business owners do not have retirement plans in place for themselves or their employees. That is why CFIB is urging governments to adopt the Pooled Registered Pension Plans (PRPP) so long as it remains voluntary, administratively simple and is a lower cost retirement option for small business owners and their employees.

Update: Government says it has no plans to change daycare funding

April 12, 2012
You may have heard that government is considering phasing out provincial funding for private, for-profit daycares. We were extremely concerned that funding changes would put private daycares at a serious disadvantage and ultimately limit choice and access for Nova Scotia families.

Pension fairness must be addressed

October 24, 2011
Canada is experiencing pension tension. There’s a growing gap between pensions offered in the public sector versus those offered in the private sector. And that gap comes at a huge cost to taxpayers and the majority that are unable to save for their own retirement.
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