Bill 148 – CFIB On Your Side

As your voice at Queen’s Park, CFIB has been working tirelessly to ensure the government clearly understands what its massive labour reforms, including a $15 minimum wage, will mean to your business. We have been fighting these drastic labour changes since day one, and we will keep advocating for you.

Free webinar: Your Input Needed - Reviewing the cost of delivering hydro to small biz

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB), the provincial regulator, is consulting with stakeholders, including CFIB, on potential rate changes for commercial and industrial users.

Time for a recharge: CFIB seeking energy cost relief for small business

The Ontario government has committed to removing the 8% provincial portion of the HST from your hydro bill. While this will provide some relief, it does not address the root causes of your skyrocketing hydro costs.

Ontario’s Budget: What does it mean for your small business?

The Ontario government has announced its 2017 budget – find out what CFIB had to say and changes may be coming to your business!

WSIB rate cuts coming in 2018

WSIB also named the winners of the first-ever Small Business Health and Safety Leadership Awards, including two CFIB members.
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