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Budget finally balanced in P.E.I.

After ten years of deficits, the government of P.E.I. projects a small surplus for 2017-18.

Need more speed? Take government's online "speed test"

Access to high-speed internet is key for many businesses and continues to be a struggle in some parts of the Island. To help plan for improvements, government is asking Islanders to take an online "speed test."

Too little notice for the 2017 minimum wage increase

Providing Island employers with only 37 days notice of a minimum wage hike is proof that PEI needs to change how it sets minimum wage.

Environmental policies and consultations moving forward

The PEI government has released it's new Energy Strategy and has also launched public consultations on it's new Water Act.

Making it easier to operate and do business across Atlantic

The Council of Atlantic Premiers made new commitments to improve regional regulatory efficiency.
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