John F. Bulloch

John F. Bulloch is the Founder and former Chairman of the Board of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. CFIB was founded in 1971, and represents the interests of small- and medium-sized Canadian owned enterprises.

Mr. Bulloch's involvement in political affairs began with publication of the Canadian government's White Paper on Taxation in 1969. He left Toronto's Ryerson Polytechnic University where he had taught business and finance since 1963, and formed the Canadian Council for Fair Taxation. The Council gained national stature and received much credit for mobilizing opposition to the White Paper proposals.

In 1971 he formed the Canadian Federation of Independent Business to be the permanent voice for small- and medium-sized independent business. The Federation today has a voluntary membership of over 100,000 enterprises and a staff of 300.

John Bulloch has a special background in education. While at Ryerson, where he taught business and finance, he was a member of the Academic Council and Vice-President of the Faculty Association. In 1972 he formed Canada's first Entrepreneurship Education and Research Centre at Ryerson which was the forerunner of the Entrepreneurship Centres at universities across Canada.

Mr. Bulloch is also the founder of the Virtual University for Business (Vubiz), an e-learning company focusing on the training needs of professionals, businesses and governments.”

Mr. Bulloch holds an engineering degree and an MBA from the University of Toronto. In 1981 he was honoured with a Fellowship from Ryerson Polytechnic University, and in 1987 was the recipient of the Distinguished Business Alumni Award from the University of Toronto and the Wilford L. White Fellowship from the International Council for Small Business for leadership and commitment to small business throughout the world. In 1996, John Bulloch was appointed a Member of the Order of Canada.

On the international level Mr. Bulloch is a founding member of the International Small Business Congress, an organization representing over 60 nations that is concerned with entrepreneurship and small business development . In 1998 he served as the Chairman of its governing body, the International Steering Committee.

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