Bill 168: Workplace Violence and Harassment - what you need to do!

Bill 168 - CFIB insisted that template samples be provided to save you time and money. 


Guidelines, templates and checklist from the Ministry of Labour (MOL):

A.  Workplace Violence Policy Sample * (scroll down past the pdf in order to find the sample policy)

B.  Workplace Harassment Policy Sample * (scroll down past the pdf in order to find the sample policy)

* Written or posted policies not mandatory for less than 5 employees unless ordered by Safety Inspector. (Family, seasonal, on call, contractors are all counted as employees for this purpose). We recommend having policies in place, to be in compliance, should your staff numbers change and you forget to update,post, etc).

C. Workplace Violence and Harassment- Understanding the Law  - describes everyone's rights and responsibilities and answers, in plain language, the questions that are most commonly asked about these requirements.

Please note: It is not enough to just develop your workplace harassment policy and program - you need to put the measures and procedures into practice, and train workers and supervisors.  Read more on What Employers Need to Know a Toolbox.

Safety Inspectors from the Ministry of Labour (MOL) will be checking for workplace compliance re Bill 168:

  • will ask your employees what instruction or training they had;
  • will check policies are posted for employees to see;
  • review health and safety records, minutes, incident reports;
  • check that the new & revised Occupational Health and Safety Act (Greenbook) is posted, etc.

MOL direction is that you must:

  • assess the risk of violence;
  • prepare workplace policies for both violence and harassment;
  • develop and implement a program to protect workers from the risks identified;
  • inform and instruct employees on the program and procedures;
  • create a process for responding to complaints and threat.
  • also applies to farm businesses - who hire employees.

MOL video on Bill 168 and compliance  

Training and Information (review domestic violence and workplace situations):

Please contact a Business Counsellor at 1-888-234-2232 or email if you have any questions.

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