Experiencing issues with a federal contract?

The Office of the Procurement Ombudsman helps suppliers who are experiencing issues in supplying goods and services to the Federal Government.  

  • If you are experiencing difficulty with the administration of your contract regardless of dollar value… call OPO. 
  • If you have concerns regarding the award of contracts below $25,000 (for goods) and $100,000 (for services)… Get in touch with OPO. 
  • OPO looks into these types of issues in an unbiased, timely and independent manner.
  • OPO will ask for your permission before contacting the department with which you are having issues.
  • In certain circumstances, OPO can recommend departments pay you compensation- both for lost profit and the cost of submitting your bid.

OPO facilitates contract disputes both informally and through an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service that is:

  • Available to you at no cost;
  • Voluntary and at mutual consent of both parties to the contract;
  • Confidential and without prejudice.
  • OPO does not have the authority to impose a settlement or resolution but will help you and the government department reach a mutually satisfactory solution (that is confidential and legally binding).

If you’d like to more information or need to discuss a contract issue, you can contact the OPO :

340 Albert St., 11th Floor, Suite 1150
Ottawa, Ontario K1R 7Y6

  • By phone toll-free number 1-866-734-5169

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