Problems selling to federal government?

The Procurement Ombudsman can investigate a complaint about:

  • The award of a contract for the acquisition of goods below the value of $25,000 and services below the value of $100,000 where the criteria of Canada's Agreement on Internal Trade applies – we can look at complaints about activities related to requirement definition, procurement planning and bid solicitation.
  • The administration of your contract – we can look at complaints of any dollar value when the issue has to do with obligations set out in the contract (for example, timelines to be met, documents to be provided, and payment terms).

The Office of the Procurement Ombudsman identifies systemic issues, and makes balanced and useful and doable recommendations to strengthen the fairness, openness and transparency of federal procurement activities.
If you want the Office of the Procurement Ombudsman to become involved, you can make a formal complaint by: 

Office of the Procurement Ombudsman
Constitution Square
340 Albert St.
11th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario K1R 7Y6

  • By phone toll-free number 1-866-734-5169


For further assistance, please contact a CFIB Business Counsellor at 1 888 234-2232.





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