AgriStability or Aggravation?

Federal, Provincial, and Territorial (FPT) governments have been reviewing Business Risk Management (BRM) Programs including AgriStability since July 2008 and producers have yet to see any meaningful changes to these programs.

In a recent survey by CFIB of almost 1,100 agri-business owners across Canada, several problematic areas within AgriStability have been identified. Poor customer service, complex and large volumes of paperwork, timeliness issues, and predictability are just some of the concerns cited by CFIB agri-business members.

FPT governments are currently holding consultations with producers and stakeholders in May and June 2010 on the challenges facing the sector, BRM programs and the opportunities that lie ahead. It is CFIB’s hope that these consultations will spur governments into action to make some immediate changes to AgriStability.

CFIB believes BRM tools are a last resort, but when producers do need them, they have to work. They must be transparent, accessible, predictable, and timely.