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What CFIB Business Counsellors can do for you

CFIB: Business Resources Benefits

Our Business Counsellors handle over 26,000 inquiries each year from business owners just like you. We're uniquely suited to providing you with valuable information that can save you time and money.
Here are some examples:

Just Starting Out?

  • Do you have a business plan?
  • Have you chosen the most tax-friendly location where you have a choice?
  • How is your property to be classified by the province?
  • Will you be regulated by the province or the federal government?
  • Do you have a tax account set up?
  • Is your lease contract in place?
  • What about a Privacy Policy to protect your customer's information?
  • Are you ready to process credit card and debit transactions?
  • What about your telephone/data service requirements?

About to hire your first employee?

  • Have you set up your payroll for EI, WCB, CPP etc.?
  • Do you have a written employee contract ready to use?
  • Do you know what you can and cannot ask in an interview?
  • Are you ready to give employee training as required by regulation?
  • Are you aware of employment standards and human rights' requirements?

Thinking about expanding?

  • Regulations change as you grow - are you in compliance?

Is retirement on your mind?


CFIB's Business Counsellors are available to answer your questions. Contact us at or by calling 1–888–234–2232.