Ted Mallett, Vice-President and Chief Economist

Ted Mallett

Ted Mallett

Vice-President and Chief Economist

Ted Mallett is responsible for CFIB's economics file-a role of unique importance because small and mid-sized businesses are responsible for fully half of Canada's economic activity, and are a major source its dynamism and evolution. With direct access to the perspectives of 109,000 business owners, Mr. Mallett assembles knowledge about their business activities in a way that is not possible from traditional sources of economics data.

Among the projects he has created and overseen are CFIB's Business Barometer®, a monthly tracking of business conditions; Communities in Boom, a ranking of the entrepreneurial activities within Canada's cities; Wage Watch, a census-based measurement of the gap between public sector and private sector wages. In addition, Ted develops projections and forecasts for Canada's, economy, government fiscal finances, and social policy financing of Employment Insurance and the Canada Pension Plan. He has also led analyses on banking, taxation, employment, technology and marketing, and presented his economics and entrepreneurship research throughout North America and the UK. His work at CFIB is widely followed on Bay Street and Wall Street, and is regularly drawn into Canadian analyses by the OECD and IMF.

Expert in survey design, Ted is a Certified Market Research Professional through the Market Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA), and a member of the Canadian Association for Business Economics (CABE), the Centre for International Research on Economic Tendency Surveys (CIRETS) and the International Council on Small Business (ICSB).

Ted joined CFIB in 1988 after working for Woods Gordon Management Consultants in their Marketing and Economics practice. Early in his career, he worked for a software, networking and computer timesharing start-up, IP Sharp Associates, supporting clients in economics databases and programming, and with IBM Canada.
Born in Toronto, Ted also spent his early years in Ottawa and Sao Paulo, Brazil. He graduated from the University of Waterloo in 1982 with a Co-op BA in Economics, and obtained an MA in Economics in 1986 from the University of Toronto. He currently lives in Toronto with his wife Rose, and two daughters, Katharine and Suzanne. Hobbies include sailboat racing and home renovation.