Take Action: Help us fight higher taxes on jobs and repeal Bill 119

As of January 1, 2013 the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) requires independent operators and small business owners in the construction industry to pay higher payroll taxes.

In a recent survey CFIB conducted, we found that affected small businesses are paying, on average, $6,000 more a year. To be able to comply with the additional costs, business have told us that they will have to raise prices, downsize operations, reduce wages and some will have no choice but to shut down their businesses altogether.

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CFIB has been fighting the wrong-headed mandatory coverage in the construction sector since 2002 - way before the government even introduced legislation. Here are some of the recent exchanges between CFIB, and decision makers at both Queen's Park and the WSIB.

When the McGuinty government introduced and quickly passed Bill 119 in 2008, CFIB was the most vocal business organization, strongly denouncing this tax on jobs in construction. Below is our reaction to the legislation and some hard-hitting letters from CFIB to the Labour Minister at the time, Peter Fonseca.

Even prior to 2008, there was a significant threat of imposing mandatory coverage in the construction sector. We worked hard to shield our members from the government's attack on the livelihood of small businesses in construction. Through public campaigns, legislative meetings and presentations, and numerous letters (see below) to elected officials, we were successful in delaying the implementation of this tax grab.