Federal budget 2012: CFIB fighting for Canada’s small business

In the lead-up to the 2012 federal budget, we have had the opportunity to meet with dozens of key players in the political world and in the public service. The goal of these meetings was to present our Top 12 in 2012 budget recommendations. Among others, we have met with:

  • Prime Minister Stephen Harper
  • Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty
  • Minister of State (Finance) Ted Menzies
  • Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development Diane Finley
  • NDP Finance Critic Peter Julian
  • NDP Pensions Critic Alain Giguère

    Federal budget 2012

    Federal budget 2012

    CFIB meets with Prime Minister Stephen Harper

  • Liberal Finance and Revenue Critic Scott Brison
  • Liberal Small Business Critic Joyce Murray
  • Green Party Leader Elizabeth May
  • Senior officials from both Finance and Industry Canada
  • And many others!


We reminded decision-makers that CFIB members want the federal government to keep to its current budget objectives by avoiding major tax or spending increases, and focus its efforts on supporting the growth of small businesses and job creation.

Here are some key recommendations in our budget submission:

  • Enhance and expand the EI hiring credit to include businesses with at least $15,000 in EI premiums
  • No new stimulus or other spending and ensure the budget is balanced by 2015
  • Bring federal public sector wages and benefits more in line with their private sector counterparts
  • Fix unsustainable public sector pensions (without taking away what has been already committed), including MP pensions
  • Implement tools at CRA to provide written answers to online questions and ensure CRA's written advice to small businesses will be honoured.