We need fairness within the electricity market!

While NB Power customers have not had to deal with rate increases for several years, it is all but certain that rates will rise again soon. Despite CFIB’s previous calls for increased fairness in the electricity market, NB Power’s small business customers continue to pay well above the true cost of the electricity they consume, to offset other rate classes.

CFIB is the only group present at Energy and Utilities Board hearings representing the interests of small business. In fact, one industry expert commented that the golden rule in rate setting is to pass on the cost to small businesses, since they don't vote and they don't appear before utilities boards.

Sign our action alert to show your support for:

  • Permanent representation for small business at energy rate hearings through a small business advocate – as is the case in Nova Scotia.
  • Enforcing a reasonable timeframe for bringing all rate classes within the .95-1.05 revenue-cost ratio. (Small businesses continue to pay an average of about 25% more than the actual cost).
  • Developing and publishing a plan to address NB Power’s staggering debt level.


These action alerts will be delivered to Premier Alward, among others, to show that small businesses demand fairness within the electricity market.

You can return your signed alert by one of these ways:

  • Send it along with your District Manager
  • Fax to our office at (506) 855-0843
  • Scan and email to msnb@cfib.ca
  • Mail to CFIB, 204-814 Main St., Moncton, NB E1C 1E6


For any questions concerning this Action Alert please call our office at 1-888-234-2232.