CFIB announces Mike Klassen as new Director of Provincial Affairs in British Columbia

Vancouver, February 6, 2013 – He has earned a reputation for being one of Vancouver city hall’s most effective watchdogs, and now he is joining the B.C. team for Canada’s most successful advocates for small business. Mike Klassen is the new Director of Provincial Affairs for the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) in British Columbia.

As CFIB’s new B.C. Director, Mike will lead the development of legislative, research and communication activities for policy issues affecting CFIB’s 10,000 members in British Columbia.

“I’m delighted to join the CFIB team, and to champion the cause of small and medium enterprises,” says Klassen. “We’ll definitely be hitting the ground running with the provincial budget just around the corner. CFIB’s members indicate that a balanced provincial budget is a top priority. As well, many members are affected by the transition back to PST, and by burdensome annual property tax increases.”

Laura Jones, CFIB’s Executive Vice President, says the B.C. members will benefit from Mike’s combination of communications skills and passion for public policy.

“Mike’s background as a community leader, his strong presence in social media, and his network in business and politics will help the cause of our 10,000 members across B.C.,” says Jones. “Mike is someone who particularly understands how local government affects small business. He’ll help us to put the brakes on high taxes and cut through the red tape which impacts our members.”

CFIB is a non-partisan organization that represents its independent business members and helps to bring their concerns to the forefront of political discussion. CFIB regularly surveys its membership to gain their perspective on important policy decisions. Similarly, CFIB actively surveys federal, provincial and municipal leaders for their positions on issues that are important to the success of the small business sector.

For further information or to arrange an interview with Mike Klassen contact Anna Austin at 604-684-5325 or

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