Reverse the PST hike

On December 5th, 2013 the provincial government voted in favour of Bill 20, the legislation which increases Manitoba's PST by 1 per cent to 8 from 7 per cent. We know how disappointing it is that the government didn't listen to you and raised the tax anyway. Although the increase is now official we'll be strongly encouraging the government to reverse the PST hike in our 2014 budget recommendations. 

We heard you loud and clear on this issue – 92 per cent of you told us that you are opposed to increasing the PST by 1 per cent to pay for infrastructure. 

In our efforts to defeat the PST hike we released the results of an Angus Reid Public Opinion poll and separate member survey. Key findings included:

  • 74 per cent of Manitobans and 93 per cent of small business owners wanted the provincial government to hold a referendum on the PST hike;
  • 72 per cent of Manitobans and 92 per cent of small business owners were opposed to increasing the PST from 7 to 8 per cent;
  • 81 per cent of Manitobans and 96 per cent of small businesses are not confident the revenue will be used for its intended purposes. Ninety per cent of Manitobans and 98 per cent of small businesses are not confident the increase will be temporary. 

We all agree that infrastructure needs investment, but this government has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. There would be more money for infrastructure without tax increases IF the provincial government returned to sustainable spending levels.

Have questions about collecting and remitting the additional tax? Visit our Business Resources page for answers.

Did you know?

  • In the last ten years government spending has been rising by more than twice the rate of inflation.
  • The size of the Manitoba civil service has grown from 12,057 in 2003 to 15,133 civil servants in 2012. 

Here's what we did to try to defeat this hike: 

  • Vocal in media including releasing the results of the member survey and public opinion poll, and publishing several columns.
  • Spoke at the Legislative Committee hearing on the Bill on July 2nd.
  • With some other groups hosted a rally on May 2 at the Legislature to stop the planned PST hike. More than five hundred Manitobans came out to show their support and oppose the PST hike.
  • Also with some other groups sent an open letter to the Premier asking him to stop the PST hike.
  • Provided grassroots feedback by delivering individual packages to all MLAs with survey results and comments from members in their riding.