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Changes to the Credit and Debit Card Code of Conduct

Changes to the Credit and Debit Card Code of Conduct, introduced in April 2015, will ensure small businesses see the promised savings from credit card rate cuts from Visa and MasterCard.

Changes include:

  • Merchants will be able to opt out of their contracts if their payment processor raises rates or doesn’t pass on savings from Visa/MasterCard;
  • The entire Code will now apply to mobile payments;
  • Payment processors can only auto-renew a contract for up to six months, so fewer merchants will be locked in to bad contracts.

Get more details on the Code changes.

Since 2008, CFIB has been active in the fight to keep payment processing costs fair and affordable, defending small business and consumer interests. Have a look at the Credit Card Battle timeline to get an overview of our different initiatives over the past years. CFIB was a catalyst in the development of the Code, and also provides related business advice on avoiding bad contracts and how to choose a payment processor.

Avoid bad contracts

Though the Code of Conduct contains measures to protect your business, you must still remain vigilant when signing processing contracts. Have a look at our Member Alert to get a few tips on what to look for. Also watch our video on credit card contracts for information on how to choose a payment processor.

Encourage your customers to use Interac debit

Interac debit and cash continue to be the most affordable forms of payment for most small businesses.  CFIB and Interac offer FREE co-branded billfolds, counter signs and decals to encourage your customers to use debit instead of credit.

Payment processing tailored to the needs of CFIB members

Chase Paymentech is one of Canada’s leading merchant services providers. They offer CFIB members a broad range of payment processing products and services with preferred rates and conditions. Have a look at the Chase Paymentech program page to get more details on the offering.


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