Occupational health and safety: a worthwhile investment!

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Morneau Shepell–Health and Safety at Work (Morneau Shepell–HSW) offers CFIB members a range of solutions to improve the overall management of your occupational health and safety and reduce your costs. Prevention mutual groups (PMG) are Morneau Shepell–HSW's most popular solution. With a combined payroll of nearly $2 billion, CFIB's PMGs have more participants than any other in Quebec.

Through its political lobbying and presence on the CNESST’s (formerly CSST) Board of Directors, CFIB ensures that legislators and the CNESST take SME interests into consideration when developing and administering OHS legislation and regulations, and informs its members of potentially helpful measures, such as PMGs.
Morneau Shepell–HSW
Morneau Shepell–HSW is Quebec’s leading occupational health and safety provider, offering the widest selection of OHS services available. No matter what your line of business may be, Morneau Shepell–HSW can offer solutions that improve your efficiency and profitability, while protecting your most important resource, your employees.

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