Frequently Asked Questions

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+How do I sign up for the ZoomShipR service?
ZoomShipR is available online via the CFIB website ( The sign up process takes just a few minutes to complete. You will need your CFIB member ID and your password. There is no cost to sign up, and you can ship the moment you’ve set up your account!
+Can I log into ZoomShipR without first logging into CFIB’s MemberNet?
Yes - Once you have completed your ZoomShipR registration, you can continue to ship using only your ZoomShipR username and password from 
+How do I pay for shipping?
Shipping is almost always paid by credit card. The credit card entered at registration can be changed later.
+Can I process shipments with ZoomShipR without using the Internet?
No – ZoomShipR is exclusively an online service.
+Is the ZoomShipR application designed for use on a smart phone or mobile device?
No – Not currently.
+Does ZoomShipR allow me to get online quotes?
Yes – You can get instant quotes for courier and freight shipments. Click on the “Get a Quick Quote” button, sign in with your CFIB member ID and password, enter the shipping info and select “View Rates” to see a comparative quote detailed with carrier and service levels. You can also get a quote using the first step of the ‘Quote & Ship’ tool once you’ve logged into your ZoomShipR account.
+Do ZoomShipR Quick Quotes include taxes such as QST/HST or GST?
No – When using the Quick Quote application, the price indicated does not include applicable sales taxes. To review all applicable charges to your Quick Quote, click on the price indicated for a detailed breakdown which includes applicable sales taxes. When comparing ZoomShipR rates to those of other suppliers, it is important to ensure the comparison takes taxes into consideration.
+Do ZoomShipR Quick Quotes include fuel surcharges and other accessorial charges?
Yes – When using the Quick Quote application, the price indicated includes applicable fuel surcharges and accessorial charges, such as residential delivery charges or tailgate fees. To review all applicable charges to your Quick Quote, click on the price indicated for a detailed breakdown which includes fuel and accessorial charges as well as applicable sales taxes. When comparing ZoomShipR rates to those of other suppliers, it is important to ensure the comparison takes into consideration fuel and other surcharges.
+Can more than one person be processing shipments at the same time?
Yes – you can have as many people as you like on the system at the same time. Additional users can be setup in “My Account” under the “Users” menu tab. Each employee should be setup as a distinct user with their own password. This allows you to deactivate the account of an employee as they leave your employ and prevents that former employee from accessing ZoomShipR.
+What can I expect to save by using ZoomShipR for my shipping?
Savings vary. On average, you can expect to save approximately 30% on courier shipments and likely even more on Less than a Truckload (LTL) shipments (compared to published rates).
+Do I need a specific printer to print the carrier labels?
No, any inkjet or laser printer is capable of printing carrier approved shipping labels.
+Can I have inbound shipments prepared using ZoomShipR?
Yes! Create the shipment label with all of the shipment information then save the label to your computer. You can then email the label to the person that will be sending you the shipment.
+Can I ship from anywhere in Canada and the US?
Yes – the ZoomShipR system is configured so that you can ship from any location in Canada or in the United States. In some cases there may be an additional pick up charge for outlying areas.
+Will I be billed separately by each carrier I use for shipping?
No – you will receive a weekly invoice from ZoomShipR which serves as a statement with the charges made on your credit card that week.
+If I already have discounted rates negotiated with another carrier, can I use that discount on ZoomShipR?
No – ZoomShipR is directed at smaller businesses that do not usually have negotiated rates or contracts in place. The system is preset with carriers and rates for use by our customers. If you have rates negotiated with a carrier, you may find ZoomShipR rates to be lower; it depends on multiple factors including transaction volume and the type of shipments made. Whatever discount you may have individually negotiated, it can't be used on ZoomShipR. Please also note that if you have an agreement with a carrier that includes a volume commitment, shipments made with ZoomShipR don't count toward that commitment.
+Can I cancel or edit a shipment that I have prepared?
Yes – To cancel or edit a shipment select “History & Tracking” tab. Select the date range of the shipment you would like to cancel or edit and a list of all shipments (with several links) will appear. Click on “Cancel” to cancel your shipment. In the event of a cancellation, where the original shipment was paid by credit card, you will receive a refund on the credit card. Click on “Edit” for the shipment you want to edit and the system will take you to the shipment screen with all the information populated ready for you to edit. Make any changes you require and complete the shipment as you would with a new shipment.
+How do I get my shipment to the carrier?
For courier shipments, you can select ‘Pickup’ in step 2 of the shipping process to schedule a pickup date and time. Or, you can select ‘Drop-off’ and easily find a location where you can drop your package off. For LTL Freight shipments, a member of ZoomShipR’s Heroic SupportTM team will call both you and the carrier to schedule the pickup.
+Can ZoomShipR be integrated into my shopping cart system?
ZoomShipR allows you to integrate with almost any electronic infrastructure available today by using their open API. Please call us at 1 877 309-2710 for more details.
+Will I be able to track all my shipments in real-time?
Absolutely, your shipments are traceable every step of the way. Simply go to “History & Tracking” and find the shipment you want to track and click on "Track".
+How do I get supplies?
For courier supplies such as letters, packs and window envelopes, you can request a small supply from your courier or a retail outlet. You may call the carrier directly to order supplies, but will need to utilize your personal/corporate account number if you have one; accounts can be created at no cost or obligation. Otherwise, please email and we will arrange for supplies to be delivered for a nominal charge.
+What if I make out my own commercial invoice?
You can use your own commercial invoice and include it with your shipment however you will still have to fill out the commercial invoice form on ZoomShipR to process a cross border shipment. In order for us to complete these types of shipments, certain information, which we capture through our commercial invoice, has to be transmitted to the carrier when the shipment is submitted.
+What is an HS Code and how do I find the appropriate code for what I'm shipping?
"HS Code" stands for Harmonized Commodity Description & Coding System and is used to describe the class of product that you are shipping internationally. It is imperative that you enter the correct code for each product you're shipping in the commercial invoice. If you are not sure, call your customs broker and ask them what HS code you should be using for the product being shipped. If you do not have a broker you can call the carrier fulfilling the shipment on ZoomShipR and ask them.
+Can I bill Duty and Taxes to someone other than the shipper or consignee?
Currently there are only two options available for who can pay the duties and taxes on shipments processed by ZoomShipR – the shipper or the company/person receiving the shipment (the consignee).
+Do I need a customs broker?
If you are shipping a courier shipment internationally, using any service from the carriers on the system, you do not need a customs broker as the carrier chosen will provide the brokerage services needed to move the shipment. For some levels of courier service, the brokerage service is included; for ground shipments, the carrier will likely charge extra for brokerage. If you are shipping a pallet via an LTL carrier, you will need a broker to move the shipment cross border. If you need a broker call ZoomShipR at 1 877 309-2710 and we'll be happy to recommend one.
+Who do I call if I have a problem with my shipment or have technical problems with the system?
E-mail or, call toll free at 1 877 309-2710 (from 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time) with any issue regarding your shipment. ZoomShipR has preferred support arrangements with its carriers so you'll be able to get prompt, reliable answers to your questions and concerns. If you've used your own customs broker for an international shipment and have a question or an issue regarding the clearance of your shipment, please direct your calls to them.
+How do I find out how many ZoomShipR Rebate Credits I have?
Access to your Rebate Credits is available at, using your login ID and password. Rebate Credits are calculated monthly and the total is available approximately one week after the end of each month.
+Can I use my ZoomShipR Rebate Credits if I am no longer a CFIB Member?
Your business must be a CFIB member in order to use ZoomShipR or redeem Rebate Credits. Rebate Credits are annulled if not redeemed three years after the most recent Rebate Credit is earned.
+How long is shipment and payment information kept on ZoomShipR?
90 days. Beyond that time information on shipments and invoices may no longer be available. It is important to export and save all data you wish to keep on a regular basis.