Free online courses for CFIB members

Free courses

Vubiz and CFIB have made available to CFIB members and their employees an impressive library of online courses from management/business skills to health & safety and compliance. Course access is available 24/7 from any internet connection.

+Starting Up Your Business
Experience tells us that the single most important factor in start-up success is planning. The courses in Starting Up Your Business will help you develop the skills you need to get your business off the ground. You'll learn how to write a solid business plan, evaluate your entrepreneurial potential, and assess the market for your product or service.
Finance is a critical part of good business planning, so the five-part program Financial Management for Small Business covers key topics including managing your cash, managing accounts receivable, and sources of financing, while Understanding Financial Statements explains how to use financial statements such as the Balance Sheet and the Income Statement to plan and manage your business.
Finally, the courses in Communication Essentials will help you polish your oral and written communication skills, so that you can present your ideas effectively to potential investors, partners and customers.
+Managing Your People
Your employees are your most valuable asset. If you have employees, you need to know how to manage them effectively. Start by developing your own leadership skills, learn strategies for motivating employees, and understand how and when to delegate. You'll help your employees succeed if you provide useful performance feedback and put in place an effective disciplinary process. And don't forget that all Canadian employers are required to comply with the applicable federal, provincial and territorial employment standards when it comes to conditions of employment, workplace health and safety, and human rights.
+Health & Safety
Employers of all sizes are responsible for maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. A good health and safety program will not only ensure compliance with the applicable laws but, as you will learn in the Business Case for Health and Safety, generate cost savings, help you operate more effectively, improve employee relations, and give you a competitive advantage. Review the courses offered in the Health & Safety theme to determine which ones are applicable to your business, your employees and your jurisdiction.

“As provincial and federal safety laws change regularly, it is encouraged to confirm compliance with your provincial or federal occupational health and safety regulators, or feel free to contact CFIB Business Resources at 1-888-234-2232.”

+Managing Customer Relations
The Managing Customer Relations theme focuses on your #1 priority – your customers. The 11 courses in the Customer First Series will show you how to attract and retain customers. You'll develop customer-focused communication skills, and learn how to create a winning first impression, increase customer loyalty and build strong customer relationships with even your most difficult customers. Many businesses can also benefit from the training which provides tips and strategies for providing excellent customer service to all customers.
+Growing Your Business
As you grow your business, your leadership role becomes more important; you'll benefit from developing your skills as a leader who knows how motivate employees, overcome negativity and bring out the best in your people. The three courses in Leading Growth Firms draw on extensive research to identify the characteristics of leading growth firms at six different stages of development and provide strategies for not just surviving, but thriving.
Finally, you may think it's too soon to think about Succession Planning, but the courses in this program will show you that the earlier you start to think about the future of your business, the likelier you are to create a succession plan that that works for you and your business.
You can also check out the CFIB’s Guide to Succession Planning.
Every business in Canada has compliance requirements. From taxes, to health and safety, to privacy, you are responsible for ensuring that your business is compliant with all the applicable federal, provincial, territorial and municipal laws.
Being Compliant will give you an overview of your responsibilities, and Employment Standards looks at your obligations to employees, both current and prospective. Discrimination, harassment and violence in the workplace are a growing concern. Training for managers, supervisors and employees is a critical component in maintaining a respectful, harassment-free workplace. Privacy and Anti-Spam legislation are federal regulations that apply across the country, and in many jurisdictions, businesses must also comply with provincial requirements such as the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Finally, all businesses must be compliant with the health and safety standards that apply.

Note: These courses are subject to change without notification.