Nominations open for 2018 Paperweight Award

Nominations are now open for the fifth annual Paperweight Award.

The award recognizes elected officials and individuals that work at government departments or arms-length agencies, who have:

1.   Made life increasingly difficult for small businesses by adding significant red tape; and

2.   Added government rules and paperwork ranging from ridiculous to utterly destructive.

Last year, some of the Paperweight winners included:

+The Sidewalk to Nowhere – Smithers, BC
A local business owner in Smithers, BC, applies for a permit to renovate a commercial building he owns. He’s told he must build a 30 metre sidewalk across the street, connecting nothing to nowhere. His offer to give the city the equivalent in cash so it could be put to better use is promptly rejected.
+When you make lemonade, life gives you lemons – National Capital Commission
Two girls aged 5 and 7 set up shop on a popular bike path in Ottawa selling ice cold lemonade on a hot summer day. They are quickly shut down by the National Capital Commission, citing lack of proper permits. It’s a sour lesson in red tape for a couple of young entrepreneurs just trying to sweeten everyone’s day.
+Hold the mayo! City grease trap policy sends a business down the drain – Winnipeg, Manitoba
Winnipeg bookstore/café was caught in the crossfire of a “one size fits all” application of a sewer by-law regarding grease traps on sinks and dishwashers. Although many shops were granted exemptions, this bookstore was denied one simply because they put mayo on their sandwiches. Facing $12,500 in fines, they were forced to close down for four months.

This year’s winner will be announced during Red Tape Awareness Week in late January, 2018. 

About Red Tape Awareness Week: Each year, CFIB dedicates one week in January to raise public awareness about the impact of excessive regulations and red tape on small business and challenge politicians and bureaucrats across the country to take action.