Small Business Priorities

Small Business Priorities
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In advance of the September 22, 2014 New Brunswick provincial election, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) presents a small business election platform. It outlines the issues facing small business and identifies ways to address these. By sharing this with all political parties, it is CFIB’s hope this platform will be adopted to support local businesses in doing what they do best- create jobs, grow the economy and support local communities.

To create a more prosperous small business environment, we suggest parties must focus on six strategic areas:

  1. Improving tax competitiveness
  2. Reducing “red tape”
  3. Achieving long-term fiscal sustainability
  4. Improving local governance
  5. Enhancing productivity, skills, and training
  6. Stabilizing and lowering electricity costs

For more details and our recommendations, please read our full election platform,  Powering Entrepreneurship.

You can get involved too!

CFIB has created a list of questions you may want to ask your local candidates during this election campaign.