Red Tape Awareness WeekTM 2017

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During the eighth annual Red Tape Awareness Week, from January 23-27, we will be challenging governments to focus their efforts on the tangled mess of unnecessary regulations holding back your small business – the silly rules, the confusing tax laws, the time-wasting paperwork, and all the unhelpful government policies that constitute what is derisively known as red tape.

Making government aware of what’s holding you back

Each and every day throughout the week will see a different red tape awareness event.

Red tape interactive: Get with the program!

Join us for an informative Free Webinar! Learn how to build a cost-effective, employee-focused return-to-work plan. If one of your employees suffers a workplace injury, in addition to his/her pain and suffering, your business can be subject to a whole lot of regulatory pain in getting that employee back to work. CFIB can help. We have developed a comprehensive Return-to-Work Program to help you save money while ensuring your employees are healthy, safe and productive even after an injury has occurred.

The webinars take place January 24-26. Sign up today!

Come share your stories with us on Facebook and Twitter using  the hashtag #RTAW – Let us know how government red tape and burdensome regulations are holding you back. Help spread the word.

Let CFIB help – Learn practical strategies to cut through red tape by taking advantage of our web resources.

Join CFIB – Become part of the solution, and help strengthen what is already the strongest voice for the concerns of small business in Canada. Plus, take advantage of the many other benefits that 109,000 independent businesses have come to expect from CFIB!

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