Service Canada Job Bank adds new tools to connect employers with job seekers!

The Service Canada Job Bank offers employers the ability to post their job ads for free allowing them to reach thousands of potential job seekers. As of April 30th, the Job Bank has added new features to help better connect employers with employees.

Job Match allows employers to match their job ads with job seekers profiles. After you run the matching service you receive a list of qualified candidates and respectively the job seeker can use the matching service to receive a list of job postings. As an employer, once you match your job posting to a list of potential candidates, you can select the profiles of those you are interested in and ask them to apply. You can also see how many job seekers are viewing your job ad and how many have applied.

If you have already registered and created a profile in the previous version of Job Match on the old Job Bank, you will have to re-register for this new version of the service.

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NOTE: The Job Match service does not match job offers in Quebec, Saskatchewan, or British Columbia. However, the job search function does allow access to available jobs in these provinces.

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