Dealing with the CRA just got easier for small business - Get the details here‎!

Building on commitments made to CFIB and its members in Budget 2015, the CRA promised a host of changes to the way it would deliver services to small businesses, making it easier than ever to interact and conduct business with the agency.

For many years CFIB   continues to be the driving force on this issue on behalf of its members. In fact, the CFIB continues to meet with CRA representatives to discuss member long-standing problems with the CRA, such as poor service and confusing, inconsistent tax information.

The CRA has committed to address the concerns of small businesses with a clear plan to reduce red tape and has launched an online consultation tool for small businesses to capture feedback so that further action continues.

Highlights of the CRA’s plan to improve services for small businesses:Improvements to telephone service, such as capturing call history details:

  • The Liaison Officer Initiative is now a permanent offering: this is a program that provides businesses with in-person income tax support, education in navigating the tax system, and pre-filing reviews of books and records.
  • A reduction in the frequency of remittances for small businesses.
  • Expansion of the “My Business Account” service to include statements of capital gains and losses, pre-populated T2 return forms, and more options for electronic submission of certain documents.
  • Work in partnership with CFIB to encourage all levels of government to adopt the Business Number as the common business identifier.

CFIB is pleased that the CRA is looking to support small businesses owners, and CFIB will continue to monitor this initiative closely, continuing to push the CRA towards greater accountability and better service for small businesses. You can view the 2014 Report Card here.