Flexible and affordable Group Health Insurance for business owners and their employees

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Protecting your people and your investment
Clearly, you want to do what’s best for yourself, your family, and your employees, and help shield against unexpected life events.  So, if you’re like most business owners, you would love to offer and enjoy the type of group benefits that larger businesses typically provide.  But, for the vast majority of business owners, these types of benefits are simply cost prohibitive.

There are also business benefits to offering health & life insurance benefits to your employees, including the ability to attract and retain good employees – particularly after having invested significantly in their training.

Introducing the NEW & IMPROVED PrimaSure!
CFIB has partnered with Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada and Nexim, to craft a benefit plan attuned to the unique needs and constraints of small businesses, with the additional flexibility to tailor plans to your individual business needs, now and as they change.

The cost can be as little as a daily cup of coffee per employee*.
For many small businesses, the new and improved PrimaSure can make offering and enjoying health and life insurance benefits an affordable reality.

And, for those small businesses already offering benefits, they now have greater flexibility to meet their changing needs, and that of their employees, while containing costs.

What Makes Prima
Sure Different?

  1. Great overall rates by leveraging the clout of our large membership.
  2. Plans crafted for the needs and constraints of small business, with flexibility in further tailoring plans to meet the individual needs of your business and employees.
  3. A low-cost, entry-level “essentials” plan not available from most large insurers.
  4. A super-flexible HSA (Health Spending Account) option that provides each employee with an annual credit (you define how much) that employees may use as needed to recoup eligible medical, dental or hospital  expenses.  Employees get flexibility and you control your benefit costs.
  5. A Drug Formulary option that encourages the use of proven generic and other cost-effective drugs, helping to reduce costs for both you and your employees.
  6. Products locally sold and serviced by fully licensed CFIB member brokers.

You can also call 1 866 693-2342 or e-mail info@primasure.ca        


Insurance coverage is underwritten by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, a member of the Sun Life Financial group of companies.

* Rates vary depending upon average age, and other factors. Speak to your PrimaSure Account Manager for a quote.