The results are in: Saskatchewan Party Majority

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The results are in: Saskatchewan Party Majority

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) congratulates Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party on their election win, and offers its sincere appreciation to candidates from all parties who put their names forward.  

CFIB looks forward to working with the provincial government and all MLAs from both sides of the Legislature to address small business priorities.

We also offer our sincere thanks to all of the candidates who ran in Saskatchewan’s 28th general election. We realize it takes an immense amount of work and a lot of courage to put your name on the ballot, and congratulate those who won seats in the Legislature.

Saskatchewan small business’ top priorities for the provincial government include ensuring labour laws support employers and employees equally, sustainable spending, red tape reduction, improving roads and infrastructure and a competitive tax environment.

We will also continue to work with the Saskatchewan NDP in their role as Official Opposition to ensure they remain aware of where small business stands on specific policy issues.

Prior to Election Day, CFIB received Premier Wall’s written commitments to entrepreneurs in our 2016 Leaders’ Survey on Small Business Issues. We will use those commitments to help keep the provincial government accountable to small business.

Saskatchewan Election 2016

Saskatchewan Election 2016

Brad Wall, Leader, SK Party meets with CFIB’s Marilyn Braun-Pollon

In particular, CFIB welcomes the Premier’s commitments to the following policies:

  • Continuing to review existing red tape and eliminate it where possible;
  • Pushing for a new Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) to foster trade within Canada;
  • Instituting the Highway 2020 plan, which will add $70 million in highways spending over the next three years;
  • Rejecting any plans to expand CPP premiums;
  • Opposing provincial tax increases to finance infrastructure; and
  • Rejecting increasing taxation powers to municipalities (e.g. fuel, income or sales taxes).

CFIB, as a non-partisan organization, will do what we have done for the past 45 years - commend good policy and criticize bad policy from the viewpoint of small business owners. 

If you have any questions, please contact CFIB Business Resources at 1-888-234-2232 or email

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