Timing couldn’t be worse for Alberta carbon tax

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The overwhelming majority of Alberta small business owners oppose the province’s carbon tax plan. Despite facing the worst economic downturn in a generation the Alberta government is moving ahead with its so-called Climate Leadership Plan.

Survey Findings:

  • Eighty-two per cent of Alberta entrepreneurs do not support the introduction of a carbon tax, compared to just 11 percent who do.
  • Four in five business owners do not believe the plan will actually help to reduce carbon emissions
  • 79 per cent said it will mean higher input and operating costs for their business.
  • Sixty-seven percent feared it will mean consumers would have less disposable income to spend in their business.
  • A third fear it will make their business less competitive compared to businesses in other jurisdictions.  

CFIB recommends the government find a better balance for policies affecting the environment and the economy. The Alberta government must focus on ways to mitigate the impact of the recession on small business and should carefully and thoroughly consider the environmental and economic impacts of carbon pricing before moving forward.

The February 2016 Pre-Budget Survey is based on 806 CFIB member responses to a controlled-access web survey.