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The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) is a non-profit organization with 109,000 members across Canada.

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Governments. For 45 years, CFIB has fought for tax fairness and small business rights. Each of our members vote on the issues that we take to government. Not only do we keep you informed of what’s happening in government that affects your business, we stand up for your business at all levels of government.

Small Business Help & Counselling. As a CFIB member, you have access to live, one-on-one support. In fact, our counsellors receive about 30,000 calls per year from our members, and have helped with virtually every business issue. From red tape to hiring to EI to workers’ comp to almost any other questions you have, we are here to help keep your business operating smoothly and efficiently.

Serious and SAFE Discounts. Imagine your business had 109,000 locations. Think of the savings you’d be offered on products and services you need every day from banks, payment processors, shipping companies, hiring platforms and many more. These are just a few examples of the deals we negotiate on your behalf. And guess what? We are the only organization in North America that doesn’t accept money from corporations or government. This means that you will receive steep, legitimate discounts that you can trust. Learn more through our small business savings and discounts brochure.

Small Business Education. You and your employees get free online courses, priority access to free webinars and educational events, and inexpensive online certificate programs.

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