Give your kids a head start with VuKidz!

As an entrepreneur, you probably know it’s never too early to learn how to manage money and run a business. To help you raise the next generation of entrepreneurs, Vubiz, in collaboration with CFIB and Teresa Cascioli, an award-winning entrepreneur and author of the M is for Money books, has created a ground-breaking series of financial education courses for children called VuKidz.

Learning about money and business can be fun!

VuKidz was set up as a series of four online courses designed to help you and your child establish a bedrock of knowledge through learning that is fun and engaging.

Using a lively combination of video, animation, graphics and quizzes, the new Business and Financial Literacy course follows a group of neighborhood kids who start an all-season yard work business. Along the way, they learn about concepts like:

  • Budget basics
  • Market research
  • Crafting a smart business plan
  • Acquiring loans
  • Managing cash flow

These are the skills your children need to know before they venture out into the world - to assert their independence and create the next generation of lucrative businesses.

Free access for CFIB members!

Access to Vukidz’s four financial literacy courses is free for CFIB members, their employees and their families. All you have to do is visit our Vubiz page, then register and log in, and click on About Our Kids Programs to get started!

Show your children their first financial lesson by taking advantage of these free courses today! Who knows where it will take them…

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