Progress made in the battle against unnecessary regulations

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See how your local government stacks up

Wondering what work your government has done this year to cut you free of red tape restraints? We’ve issued our annual red tape report card, grading the provinces and territories on their commitment to red tape accountability. The report card looks at political leadership, public measurement, and constraints on regulations.

Top of the class

The two provinces on the honour roll this year are British Columbia and Quebec. Both provinces have shown strong leadership in dealing with red tape, have established a comprehensive measure of the regulatory burden, and have reduced or restricted the growth of unnecessary regulations. They’re showing the rest of the country how it’s done!

Beyond the grades – what can your government do for you?

We continue to push all governments across Canada to hone in on all the unnecessary regulations restraining your small business. The next step? We encourage them to cut you free by taking up our challenge and legislating a one-for-one law.