Northwest Territories earns an "F" in national red tape report card

Red tape is a massive hidden tax on small business and all Canadians. While some governments are taking action to measure and report on the problem, others have not made red tape accountability a priority, including Northwest Territories.

During Red Tape Awareness Week™ the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) issued its annual red tape report card, grading the provinces and territories on their commitment to red tape accountability, which gave Northwest Territories a failing grade. The report card looks at political leadership, public measurement, and constraints on regulations. The territorial government has not made red tape reduction an immediate priority.

CFIB is urging the new territorial government to make it a priority to tackle meaningful red tape reduction.

Government red tape is a hidden tax that affects Canada’s small businesses much more than larger firms. According to CFIB’s latest research, the annual cost of all regulations on businesses in Canada is estimated at $37 billion per year, with one-third of that ($11 billion) considered to be red tape.

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