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Members can get advice, counseling and support in dealing with governments and small business issues from CFIB's Business Counsellors, at no charge.

The Canada - B.C. Job Grant is open for 2016/2017 funding

The Government of B.C. partnered with the Government of Canada to introduce the Canada-B.C. Job Grant to help employers train workers to meet their specific workforce needs.

Audits Can Be Taxing

If you are like many small business owners, the mere mention of a tax audit can make your hair stand on end. CFIB has come tips that can you get through the process.

4 easy (and free) tips to help fraud-proof your business

Fraud happens. Fraud hurts. A 2014 CFIB fraud survey showed that the average cost of fraud on BC small businesses alone is over $7,500 annually. Sadly, only 26% these same businesses were able to recover any of their losses. So, what can we do? Stop it before it starts!

Employee retention: Once you hire them, how to keep them

What are some employment retention strategies? We’ll break them down into money issues and non-monetary incentives.

Yellow Pages Scam working its way through BC

Many members have received what appears to be invoices for ad space in the familiar, locally distributed, Yellow Pages directories. We want to alert you that these invoices are actually solicitations for listings in alternative business directories that differ from the well-known Yellow Pages.
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