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Has your business been affected by wildfires?

The Canadian Red Cross will be providing emergency assistance of $1,500 to each eligible small business directly impacted by the British Columbia Fires, here’s how to apply

BC Wildfire Support

At the time of writing this piece, there are 141 actively burning wildfires in British Columbia, requiring the declaration of an official state of emergency. With no rain in sight in many parts of the province, it is bound to get worse before it gets better, however, there is assistance available to those businesses which are affected.

Minimize employee absence, and schedule juggling for the summer season

The summer season brings warmth, sunshine, and for many businesses, the busiest time of the year. It also seems to bring on employee absences and last-minute schedule changes. Does this sound all too familiar? Here’s how to avoid scheduling headaches…


Updated WHMIS training for your employees. A voice at the end of the phone says they all need it, but do they?

The Canada - B.C. Job Grant is open for 2016/2017 funding

The Government of B.C. partnered with the Government of Canada to introduce the Canada-B.C. Job Grant to help employers train workers to meet their specific workforce needs.
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