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Members can get advice, counseling and support in dealing with governments and small business issues from CFIB's Business Counsellors, at no charge.

The Canada - B.C. Job Grant is open for 2016/2017 funding

The Government of B.C. partnered with the Government of Canada to introduce the Canada-B.C. Job Grant to help employers train workers to meet their specific workforce needs.

Get Youth Working Program is Back!

The new Get Youth Working Program offers eligible employers offering long-term positions in specified regions a $2,800 hiring incentive to hire eligible youth age 15 to 29.

Audits Can Be Taxing

If you are like many small business owners, the mere mention of a tax audit can make your hair stand on end. CFIB has come tips that can you get through the process.

4 easy (and free) tips to help fraud-proof your business

Fraud happens. Fraud hurts. A 2014 CFIB fraud survey showed that the average cost of fraud on BC small businesses alone is over $7,500 annually. Sadly, only 26% these same businesses were able to recover any of their losses. So, what can we do? Stop it before it starts!

Employee retention: Once you hire them, how to keep them

What are some employment retention strategies? We’ll break them down into money issues and non-monetary incentives.
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