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Members can get advice, counseling and support in dealing with governments and small business issues from CFIB's Business Counsellors, at no charge.

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Getting better service from the CRA

The CRA has committed to improving services for small- and medium-sized businesses. Here are some of the improvements your business can look forward to. Advice is free for members: call 1-888-234-2232.

Selling or buying in other provinces or territories: which sales taxes apply?

When you sell to or buy from a business located in another province or territory, are the correct sales taxes being applied? You need to know how GST, HST, provincial and territorial sales taxes impact your transactions. We can help you understand the correct application of sales taxes in Canada. Advice is free for members: call 1-888-234-2232.

Your Property Tax Assessment is in! But is it correct? The answer might surprise you…

Property taxes can be a significant cost to your business. To ensure your taxes are fair, take time to review the property assessment that arrives several weeks before the tax bill. If you feel the government has not set a reasonable value on your property, act fast to appeal before the deadline. There is no fee to appeal.

PST File Updated

Issues surrounding the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) constitute the majority of single-issue calls into the BC office. Because of this, the PST file is one of our legislative team’s main focuses.

Audits Can Be Taxing

If you are like many small business owners, the mere mention of a tax audit can make your hair stand on end. CFIB has come tips that can you get through the process.

Direct deposit and the CRA: can your business still get cheques?

Although the Government of Canada is seeking to eliminate all government payments by cheque as of April 2016, individuals and businesses will still be able to receive cheques as a payment option.

CRA’s Liaison Officers help you understand tax rules

Liaison Officers from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) visit small business owners to provide general information and to help them better understand their tax obligations. CFIB can help you learn about how your business can benefit from this service. Advice is free for CFIB members: 1-888-234-2232.

How do I vote in the 2015 Metro Vancouver Transportation and Transit Plebiscite?

If you are a registered voter living in Metro Vancouver, your voting package should have been mailed to you between March 16 and March 27, 2015. Elections BC or a Plebiscite Service Office must receive your completed ballot package before 8 p.m. on Friday, May 29, 2015.

How to get worry-free advice from the CRA!

Changes in recent years mean that CRA now offers guaranteed advice in writing. Find out more here. Advice is free for members: call 1-888-234-2232.

Reminder: CRA’s new remittance thresholds, effective January 1, 2015

Canada’s Economic Action Plan 2014 announced a reduction in the frequency of source deduction remittances. Over 50,000 small and medium-sized employers will see their maximum number of required payments cut in half. Learn how the reduced filing frequency works for source deductions withheld after December 31, 2014.

BC phases out school tax credit for Class 5 (light industry) businesses

In Budget 2013, the Finance Minister announced that the Class 5 credit would be phased out over two years (the Class 4 credit remains). According to the Ministry of Finance, his change was made in order to return to having the same mill rate for the similar Class 5 and Class 6 properties.

PST troubles

Since the reintroduction of PST on April 1st CFIB has been hearing from small business owners like you with your various concerns about correctly collecting and remitting PST. The majority of you are very worried about being audited in the future.

Learn about your tax and payroll obligations with CRA videos

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) offers a number of videos to help businesses understand their tax responsibilities. The videos give information on key matters for starting a new business, payroll matters, what to expect from an audit, and more. Advice is free for CFIB members: 1-888-234-2232.

My Business Account: less red tape when you deal with the CRA

My Business Account is a convenient and secure way to monitor activity in your Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) account. You can now obtain written answers from CRA for your account-specific queries and tax-related questions. Advice is free for members: call 1-888-234-2232.

PST returning to BC – What you need to know

The provincial sales tax (PST) will be re-implemented on April 1, 2013, following the results of the 2011 referendum. The return to a PST and GST system in BC is complex and CFIB is lobbying government to ensure the transition for our members goes smoothly.

Auto expense tax deduction made easier by CRA

Thanks to CFIB taking action based on the feedback of its members, the Canada Revenue Agency will accept a logbook of automobile expenses covering "a sample period of time" instead of a full year. This requirement to keep a logbook for a full year was found by CFIB members to be the most burdensome aspect of motor vehicle tax provisions.

Save time and money with two GST/HST accounting methods

The GST/HST Quick Method and Simplified Method of Claiming Input Tax Credits are major victories for small business. Review the eligibility requirements and see if you can save time and money. Find out more here. Advice is free for members: call 1-888-234-2232.
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