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If you export to the US be on the lookout for a letter from US Customs & Border Protection

Some Canadian importers of record into the US have received an informed compliance letter from the US Customs & Border Protection. If you are one, an audit may be on its way. CFIB can help you learn more. Advice is free for CFIB members: 1-888-234-2232.

Crossing the border? You could owe US taxes

Canadians crossing the border will need to be extra vigilant about the number of days they spend in the US. Both countries share information for security purposes, yet a side effect could be additional tax exposure. Learn what the changes may mean to you.

Exporting: selling to the world

Are you thinking about selling to international markets? Exporting can be a rewarding activity, but it should not be entered into lightly. Find out if you are ready and learn the basics of the export process before you take your business abroad. This information can help you prepare and stay well informed.
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