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Northwest Territories – Employment Standards

Vacation rules and scheduling: how to enjoy a stress-free holiday season

You and your employees enjoy your vacations; yet planning to fit them into the business cycle while meeting employee’s expectations can be challenging.

How does Remembrance Day impact your business?

Remembrance Day is a statutory holiday in many jurisdictions however the rules vary among the provinces and territories with regards to opening hours and paying employees. Find out more here. Advice is free for members: call 1-888-234-2232.

Statutory Holidays and Holiday Pay for NWT

There are ten statutory holidays in the Northwest Territories. Here is what you need to know when calculating holiday pay.

Myths and Facts about Employee Wage Deductions

NWT’s Employment Standards Code and the Canada Labour Code have specific rules about wage deductions. Read CFIB’s frequently-asked questions on when you can and cannot reduce your employees’ pay cheques.
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