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Am I Required To Pay My Employees For Natal Day?

Not all holidays are recognized as paid holidays under the Nova Scotia Labour Standards Code. Find out whether or not you are obligated to pay your employees for the Natal Day Holiday.

Serving customers better – it makes good business sense

A new online course from the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission aims to help businesses learn how to better serve their customers and create an inclusive environment

WCB - Is your business classified correctly?

Your WCB classification directly impacts your premiums. If you aren’t classified correctly you could be overpaying. Learn more here.

Minimum wage increase in Nova Scotia effective April 1, 2017

The Nova Scotia government announced that effective April 1, 2017, minimum wage will increase to $10.85 (from $10.70) and the inexperienced wage rate will increase to $10.35 (from $10.20).

Error on WCB monthly statements – are you paying too much?

CFIB is notifying small businesses of an error on the assessable maximum of the WCBNS December 25th, 2016 statements.
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