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Statutory pay on Canada Day: what your business needs to know

July 1st is a statutory paid holiday across Canada. Here's how you should pay your employees.

Tips and gratuities in Ontario

Effective June 10, 2016, employers can no longer keep a portion of employees' tips. These rules affect employers and employees covered by the Employment Standards Act (ESA) in workplaces where tips and gratuities are received – such as at bars, restaurants, hair and nail salons, catering firms and taxis.

Minimum Wage increased in Ontario - October 1, 2016

The Ontario Ministry of Labour increases minimum wage as of October 1, 2016.

Employment Standards and Occupational Health and Safety inspection Blitzes

The Ontario Ministry of Labour proactively conducts enforcement blitzes to ensure businesses in various sectors are in compliance with the Employment Standards Act (ESA).

Workplace mandatory posting and training requirements

The Ministry of Labour provides information on mandatory posting and training requirements needed by your business.
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