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Minimum wages: Adding duel to the fire

The release of two new studies of Seattle’s experience with its minimum wage ordinance has unleashed a flurry of praise and pushback from observers in this much debated field. That it followed closely on the heels of Ontario’s announced plans to push toward a $15/hour minimum wage by January 1, 2019 only reinforces the need to ensure that social engineering policies be based on or, at the very least, be accompanied by adequate analysis.

Minimum wage winners and losers far from certain

The drive to $15/hr minimum wages in some regions is adding uncertainty to employers' and employees' prospects alike. It is far from certain who precisely the winners and losers will be.

Business Barometer®

Small business optimism, which had stumbled in June, failed to pick itself up in July. CFIB's monthly Business Barometer Index drifted down 0.2 points to 60.7 this month from 60.9 in June. These levels are mediocre by historical standards, but in line with sentiment recorded in the last half of 2016

Part-time work: a matter of demand or supply?

Part-time employment is one of those work dimensions with advantages for employers and employees. In Canada’s case, about 19 percent of all jobs involve fewer than 30 hours per week.

Help Wanted: Private sector job vacancies, Q4 2016

Canada’s private sector job vacancy rate was once again unchanged at 2.4 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2016. This is the fourth consecutive reading at that level, mirroring similar stability in the unemployment rate. Although representing just over 300,000 unfilled jobs it shows continuing slack in Canada’s labour market overall.
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