Cash handling habits

If you have staff who use the cash register, you may want them to be aware of the following cash handling tips.

Help Wanted: National job vacancy rate remained steady in Q3

Canada's private sector job vacancy rate remained steady in the third quarter of 2015. On average, employers reported that 2.6 per cent of positions had remained vacant for at least four months because they were unable to find suitable candidates.

Mountains and Molehills—Small Business Deduction

With some questioning the value of the small business tax rate, CFIB chief economist Ted Mallett provided a thorough review of its merits for the Canada Tax Journal.

The $68 billion question: How can cities cry poor while spending so much?

Just in time for budget season, "Canada’s Municipal Spending Watch 2015" shows that Canadian municipalities have already overspent to the tune of $68 billion over the last decade.

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We represent 7,200 agri-businesses like you on the business related issues of farming. Find out more about what we’re doing to help your bottom line here.

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