Major tax relief for small businesses in federal budget

Building on previous measures that brought savings on EI premiums and reduced credit card fees for small businesses, the 2015 federal budget also responds to the views of CFIB members by balancing the budget and cutting the small business corporate tax rate.

Getting the credit card savings your small business deserves

Changes to the Credit and Debit Card Code of Conduct, introduced in April 2015, will ensure small businesses see the promised savings from credit card rate cuts from Visa and MasterCard.

All TFWs should be allowed to stay in Canada

CFIB is calling on the federal government to offer flexibility to thousands of Temporary Foreign Workers facing an early departure from Canada as of April 1, 2015, even though their permanent residency applications have yet to be fully processed.

Selling or buying in other provinces or territories: which sales taxes apply?

When you sell to or buy from a business located in another province or territory, are the correct sales taxes being applied? You need to know how GST, HST, provincial and territorial sales taxes impact your transactions. We can help you understand the correct application of sales taxes in Canada.

Our focus on agri-business

We represent 7,200 agri-businesses like you on the business related issues of farming. Find out more about what we’re doing to help your bottom line here.

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