Work stoppage averted at Canada Post

Canada Post and its largest union have avoided a work stoppage. CFIB continues to offer businesses an alternative solution to keep parcels and shipments moving.

Courier & Freight Shipping - ZoomShipR

ZoomShipR is an easy to use web service that allows you to ship envelopes and packages to over 200 countries around the globe using today’s leading couriers. As a “One-Stop” shipping solution you can also use ZoomShipR to ship your LTL freight to anywhere in North America. Requiring no special software, ZoomShipR delivers significant savings to CFIB Members!

Help Wanted: Private sector job vacancies, Q2 2016

After three-straight quarterly declines, Canada's private sector job vacancy rate held steady at 2.4 per cent in the second quarter of 2016. It shows that moderate softness in Canada's overall labour markets persists. An indicator of labour market tightness, vacancies generally follow the inverse path of unemployment measures in the economy.

How to spot a bogus US bill: tips to thwart counterfeiters

As cross-border tourism ramps up during the summer, it pays to know your way around the U.S. bills your customers use for payment. Learn our tips to protect your business from counterfeit money.

Small businesses don’t see CPP hike as 'modest'

A strong majority of small business owners don’t see the proposed CPP hike as a “modest” increase, according to new CFIB survey results that also show overwhelming support for public consultation on CPP expansion.

SME Bank Market Share

CFIB has been tracking small- and mid-sized entrerprises (SME) bank market share over the last few decades. While there are differing definitions of market share, CFIB offers a unique perspective on the relative dominance of the financial institutions in the SME segment, namely by the number of businesses.

Our focus on agri-business

We represent 7,200 agri-businesses like you on the business related issues of farming. Find out more about what we’re doing to help your bottom line here.

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