AB entrepreneurs oppose expedited coal electricity phase-out

Three-quarter of Alberta’s entrepreneurs oppose plans to accelerate the phase-out of all coal generated electricity. many people are concerned it will mean added costs for taxpayers, job losses, and higher electricity bills for small and medium-sized businesses.

Timing couldn’t be worse for Alberta carbon tax

Alberta small businesses want appropriate environmental safeguards for natural resource projects but 82% reject poorly-timed carbon pricing policy. Four out of 5 entrepreneurs say it will impose higher costs on their business.

CFIB sits down with Minister Deron Bilous

The list of challenges entrepreneurs are facing is long and government policy must be sensitive to the current economic reality. CFIB asked the minister to postpone future minimum wage hikes and the carbon tax while in a deep recession.

Alberta small business confidence wavers

Alberta small business confidence dropped four points in November to 37.3. The indicator made some gains since the lowest point recorded in March (26.5), but is trending downward again.

How will Alberta businesses handle massive minimum wage jump?

Alberta’s misguided march towards a $15 per hour minimum wage is under way. How will your business be impacted?
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