What does the 2016 federal budget mean for small businesses?

The 2016 federal budget contained a number of broken election promises for independent businesses.

Seven things government can do for small businesses in the budget

With a federal budget expected within weeks, small businesses are giving the new government seven top-line items to consider.

Taking the “temporary” out of the TFW program

CFIB calls for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) to be replaced with a stronger solution to address permanent labour shortages. Geared towards entry-level workers, CFIB’s proposed Introduction to Canada Visa would simultaneously address critical shortages for small businesses while providing a clear path to permanent residence for foreign workers.

Finance Ministers move to expand CPP

Ignoring broad opposition from business owners and working Canadians alike, the country’s finance ministers ushered in a new round of CPP expansion that promises to crimp job growth, suppress wages, and shutter small businesses.

Dealing with the CRA just got easier for small business - Get the details here‎!

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) announced a renewed focus on making life easier for small businesses through its Red Tape Reduction Action Plan, implementing a variety of measures that have long been advocated by CFIB and its members: improved service levels, enhanced accountability and, most importantly, an end to hassles and headaches for small businesses.
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