What does the 2016 federal budget mean for small businesses?

The 2016 federal budget contained a number of broken election promises for independent businesses.

Seven things government can do for small businesses in the budget

With a federal budget expected within weeks, small businesses are giving the new government seven top-line items to consider.

Taking the “temporary” out of the TFW program

CFIB calls for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) to be replaced with a stronger solution to address permanent labour shortages. Geared towards entry-level workers, CFIB’s proposed Introduction to Canada Visa would simultaneously address critical shortages for small businesses while providing a clear path to permanent residence for foreign workers.

All provinces should consult on CPP/QPP

Small business owners support public consultation on CPP and QPP expansion. Now that Quebec and BC have answered the call, it’s time for all other provinces, and the federal government, to consult Canadians.

Dealing with the CRA just got easier for small business - Get the details here‎!

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) announced a renewed focus on making life easier for small businesses through its Red Tape Reduction Action Plan, implementing a variety of measures that have long been advocated by CFIB and its members: improved service levels, enhanced accountability and, most importantly, an end to hassles and headaches for small businesses.
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