Small businesses support federal Employees’ Voting Rights Act

Canadians might be shocked to learn that our labour laws aren’t as democratic as they would have expected. For instance, Canada is the only industrialized country that still allows forced union dues on all workers. And, the process involved in establishing a union is equally undemocratic in many parts of the country, leading to instances of intimidation and coercion.

Federal Budget gets a bronze from small business: CFIB

Toronto/Montréal, February 11, 2014 – Canada’s small business owners welcomed several measures from today’s federal budget, particularly efforts to eliminate the deficit, reduce credit card processing fees for merchants and consumers and cut the cost of the public service.

All signs point to trouble for Canadians: CPP/QPP battle won, but war not over

Federal and provincial governments were considering an increase to Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) benefits and premiums, but small business owners and employees can breathe a sigh of relief for the time being. Finance ministers did not reach an agreement on increasing CPP and QPP premiums, but it is clear that this threat is not going away.

Major victory for small business as EI rates frozen for three years

CFIB joined federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty today as he announced a three-year freeze in Employment Insurance premiums for both employers and employees (2014, 2015, and 2016). The change represents a savings of up to $340 next year for a small business employing 10 employees.

Paying with credit costs consumers and small merchants more in the long run

Every time you pay with a credit card at your local restaurant, drycleaner, craft store, or other business, the credit card company takes a 2%-3% cut. For many small shops, this will wipe out their entire profit margin.
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