EI report: small business owners want some work done on the system

A new CFIB report on the Employment Insurance system shows that there is some room for improvement from the perspective of small business owners.

Poll: most Canadians oppose CPP hike if it affects wages

A new Ipsos poll finds that most Canadians don’t understand how the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) works or what proposed expansion of CPP means. An overwhelming majority also support consultation for the government’s proposed CPP hike.

CFIB Recommendations to the Federal Finance Committee for Budget 2017

CFIB sent out its summer request for submission for Budget 2017 aiming to ensure that our members' voices are heard by the government.Our recommendations to the federal government on behalf of Canada’s small business community aim to help strengthen the middle class and small business owners who are at the very heart of this group.

New Agreement on Internal Trade proceeds: How will your business benefit?

Canada’s premiers will move forward with a new internal trade deal that promises to remove provincial barriers on trade and labour mobility. Small businesses have high hopes that the premiers and the federal government will follow through on the agreement in principle signed in Whitehorse with a final deal that promotes a better trade environment within Canada.

Campgrounds and self-storage facilities: too small for Small Business Tax Rate?

CFIB is urging the CRA to stop audits that are leading to huge tax increases for some of Canada’s smallest businesses. Many campgrounds and self-storage facilities are being told they are too small to qualify for the Small Business Tax Rate.
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