CFIB submits response to the Minister of Finance’s pre-budget consultations

Every summer, the federal finance committee in Ottawa sends out a request for submissions for the following year's budget, in this case the 2015 federal budget. This is one of the primary methods for CFIB to get our members' views across to government.

A new vision for interprovincial trade in Canada

Working alongside many other Canadian business associations, CFIB recently signed an open letter to Premiers across the country calling for a new vision for interprovincial trade in Canada.

Telecom providers take more and give less, hurting small biz

A CFIB survey shows that almost 50% of small business owners are unhappy with the current options provided by telecom providers. From internet to a variety of wireless technologies, businesses expect telecom providers to offer fairly priced options, good customer service, and a variety of service providers to choose from.

All signs point to trouble for Canadians: CPP/QPP battle won, but war not over

Federal and provincial governments were considering an increase to Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) benefits and premiums, but small business owners and employees can breathe a sigh of relief for the time being. Finance ministers did not reach an agreement on increasing CPP and QPP premiums, but it is clear that this threat is not going away.

Paying with credit costs consumers and small merchants more in the long run

Every time you pay with a credit card at your local restaurant, drycleaner, craft store, or other business, the credit card company takes a 2%-3% cut. For many small shops, this will wipe out their entire profit margin.
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