Moving forward with the New Brunswick Drug Plan

The New Brunswick government is moving forward with legislation that will require every New Brunswicker to have unmitigated access to prescription drug insurance coverage by April 1, 2015. Government has promised consultations prior to implementing any mandatory employer premiums.

NB takes an important step towards long-term fiscal sustainability

Government’s new Fiscal Transparency and Accountability Act is an important piece of legislation and will impact the upcoming election.

NB government delivers prudent, pre-election budget

The Government of New Brunswick delivered a restrained, all-business budget, while once again signaling its plans to eliminate the stubborn deficit in three years. And it’s doing so without further tax hikes.

New Brunswick is showing leadership on red tape reduction

CFIB is pleased to note that the government of New Brunswick has announced a plan to reduce its red tape burden by 20 per cent by this year’s election.

Atlantic small biz weighs in on apprenticeship

CFIB’s new report Coming Up Short: Barriers to Apprenticeship and the Shortage of Labour examines apprenticeship systems from a small business perspective and shows that apprenticeship in Atlantic Canada is expensive, inflexible, and out of touch with business realities.
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